Eric Roth – Interior Photography

I’ve recntly been reading through Eric Roth’s Interior Photography. It is a great book packed full of beautiful photographs, diagrams, and information!

Here are some great tips:
Beauty is in the details and it’s intriguing to look for small miracles through the lens of the camera.
Your success lies in your ability to create a personality

You make the best photographs in your mind, then in the camera. You must feed your mind’s ability and desire to create images you will love.
You have a vision and a point of view so you have to know what you like and what you don’t like.
Antique shops are among my favorite subjects. I love the sense of discovery I feel when browsing in one and capturing the art and beauty I find there with my camera.

Scouting. Be prepared. Scouting has become an important shop in getting my best shots.
Scouting helps you determine the look and feel of the shoot. It will also help you in planning.
Meeting with your client without time pressue and the urgency of a shoot allows for a relaxed exchange of ideas.
Reference shots, you can identify angles and compositions are the strongest.
Your immediate reaction is key to the success of the shoot.
First impressions, after all, are important, andthis impression will probably set the tone of your shoot.
Keep your thoughts to yourself.
Always compliment every facet of their tastes.
Turn off lamps and overhead lights when reasonable.

I have athing for the underdog.

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