Flowers become screens

Lensbaby glory! Just testing out a lensbaby from my awesome friend, Jordan Lloyd who does amazing motion work.

Here is a list of Lensbaby products I will probably rent / want to try / possibly want to own:


  • 50 mm
  • With the Composer, Lensbaby introduces a completely new lens, based on a ball and socket configuration that delivers smooth selective focus photography with unparalleled ease.
  •, can be rented from headshots!


  • 50 mm
  • The Control Freak is the evolution of the Lensbaby 3G, an ideal selective focus lens for tabletop and macro photography. You can compress and bend the lens to find your desired Sweet Spot, and then lock it in place with the push of a button.

MUSE /* this is the one I’m trying right now

  • 50 mm
  • Bend it Baby! The Muse captures the spirit of Lensbaby photography, opening up a new realm of fun in focusing. Squeeze the Muse to focus, and bend your Sweet Spot around the photo.

TILT TRANSFORMER / *This looks very cool as it can convert any Nikon lens.

  • When used with Nikon mount lenses, produces a slice of focus through the image
  • Tilt up to twice as far as standard tilt-shift lenses making it possible to achieve more extreme blur falling off of a very thin slice of selective focus, as compared to the usual slice of focus width and focus fall-off of a typical tilt-shift lens

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